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Get to know Jordan Spieth

Previously on this blog, we had caught up with Jordan Spieth, who had just wrapped up a full day of interviewing and playing golf during his youth tournament, and our colleague who conducted the interview was seriously man crushing. This time around, we get to see the fruits of his labor, as we get Spieth’s take on all things golf.

There are a million ways to compliment Jordan when it comes to his physical abilities, and since his Tour breakout, we’ve probably exhausted them all. But perhaps the best, and arguably, the most flattering way to describe the man would be that he’s open and honest.

Spieth, after all, is the guy who gave a shot-by-shot, 18-hole recap to the press just moments after winning The Masters. It was longer and more in-depth than most Tour pros’ entire press conferences. Jordan’s polite, inspiring, confident but not cocky, and genuinely pleasant to be around.

Are we gushing again? Okay, okay. Just check out the videos below and try to channel your own inner Spieth.

Quick Fire Questions

Ever wondered what Jordan’s favorite food is or who’s his favorite playing partner? The answers might surprise you.

3 Quick Tips

It’s not everyday you get to ask a pro for some quick tips to improve your game. See what Jordan recommends you do the next time you decide to tee it up.

What worked well at Colonial?

Jordan’s last win came at Colonial, which is not too far from his boyhood home in Dallas, TX. Not having his ‘A’ game, Jordan still managed to pull out the ‘W’. We asked him what clicked that week and what he needs to work on.

Ryder Cup

With the Ryder Cup just around the corner, we asked Jordan what it is that makes the event so special.

How to manage adrenaline?

As high as the stakes can get while playing with our buddies, we never really face the type of high-pressure situations Jordan experiences while playing on Tour. So we asked him what he does when faced with these situations. In answering our question, he reveals his ‘go-to’ shot when the big money’s on the line. If only we all had a ‘go-to’ shot!

Putting Drill

Known for being one of, if not, the best putter in the business, Jordan shares a drill that could save you a few strokes this weekend. As the saying goes, you drive for show but putt for dough.

Swing Thought

Everyone has a swing thought. Some people have just one, while others think about a multitude of things before taking their shot. Swing thoughts can help you stay focused and keep your mind away from negative thoughts. Watch to see what Jordan’s pre-shot focus is at the moment.

Typical day of practice

Considering most of us have to work, spending a whole day practicing is not realistic, nor does it sound like much fun. However, when you are trying to regain the top spot in the World Rankings or looking to win a Major Championship, you need to work tirelessly to refine your game.


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