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How to Stock a Golf Bag

Having your golf bag fully equipped for current course conditions is key to a positive experience.

For those who are new to golf and looking to take on a round of 18 for the first time, properly stocking a golf bag is key to having an enjoyable time on the course. It can also be one filled with oversight, as a bag requires a number of items that don’t directly classify as golf equipment. Before you head out to the links, here’s a list of suggested items every first time golfer needs.

Items you will need:

Step 1

Head into Golfsmith and consult with one of our knowledgeable sales associates. Our sales professionals can help properly stock your golf bag with everything from clubs to vital on-course accessories.

Step 2

Secure the basics, like golf clubs, balls and shoes. Many courses don’t require soft-spiked golf shoes, but some do. Before getting clubs, allow a sales professional to match you up with a set appropriate for your size and skill level.

Step 3

Procure the necessary accessories: tees, a glove, a divot-repair tool and head covers. Tees are vital to any golfer’s game, and come in a variety of lengths. It’s best to stock a bag with both long and short tees, as weather and course conditions often call for different types. Try on golf gloves to find the proper fit. Right-handed golfers wear gloves on their left hands. Divot-repair tools allow golfers to fix ball marks on greens, while adding head covers to any golf bag will help keep woods and drivers safe from weather and sun damage.

Step 4

Stock a bag with accessories that aren’t necessarily vital to a golf game, but those that will serve a golfer well on the course. These include an umbrella, a water bottle, sunscreen, bug spray, a first-aid kit, two towels (particularly during the hot and sweaty summer months) and ball markers (though coins will often suffice).

Tip: Most golf bags come with a bevy of pockets. Make sure each piece of equipment and accessory has a place, and make sure to put each in a place that is easily memorable so you don’t slow down a round.

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