How to Become a Golf Caddie

Being a golf caddie is a good way to get and stay involved In the game.

A golf caddie can add to the success of a professional golfer by giving them advice and helping them with anything they need. The best caddies are experts on the game of golf, not just people who hold the golfer’s clubs. Caddies are commonly hired as independent contractors and are typically chosen by the golfer themselves. So how does one become part of that chosen few?

Step 1
Learn as much about the game of golf as possible. Think about golf, read about golf, watch golf on T.V. —become as knowledgeable about the game as possible. Also, get informed about the services a caddie provides for a golfer. Many caddies help golfers strategize on the course, so it’s important to learn the lingo and the rules associated with the game.

Step 2
Become a member of the Professional Caddies Association (PCA). Joining this unique program can give you appropriate training, certification, benefits and the possibility of being paired up with a professional.

Step 3
Go to the course as often as possible and get there as early as possible. Many courses have golfers tee off almost as soon as the sun rises, so if you are one of the first caddies there, it is likely you will be able to caddie that day. And if your golfer finishes the round quickly enough, you may even get to caddie twice in the same day. Befriend golfers who are in need of a caddie or who are growing in their game. It’s beneficial to start with a golfer who is working their way to professional status.

Step 4
Practice playing on upcoming courses where competitions will be held. Get to know the course like the back of your hand. You can be the one the golfer will come to for advice on what to expect from each course.

Step 5
Work hard during every round you caddie. Begin by asking the golfer if there is anything specific they would like you to do during the round. Otherwise, keep the basics in mind: always watch where the ball goes; wipe the clubs with a towel after each shot; clean the ball whenever you can; replace any divots the golfer takes; rake the bunkers or sand traps after the golfer has hit out of them; tend the pin when necessary. Some golfers may also want their caddies to keep score.

Step 6
Work your way up the ranks, if that is your desire. While the PGA or LPGA Tour might be your goal, it is highly unlikely that is where you will begin. Look into caddying for players on lower-tier tournament circuits like the or Symetra Tours. If you do a good job for the them and they make it to higher levels, it is likely they will take you with them as their caddie.

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