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Name and title – Jessie Lin, CRM Marketing Specialist

Handicap if you have one? Average score? – NA

Before going to GolfTEC, I had no idea what a swing evaluation was. I barely knew what a swing was!

The two things I knew going in were that I would receive some swing scores and that I was afraid of missing the ball during the evaluation.

Coach Van Johns welcomed me with a big, warm smile and told me that he had seen all kinds of swings in his years as a coach, so I should not feel embarrassed at all. That was a big relief for me.

Before the evaluation, Van taught me how to grip a club: “Hold the golf club. Don’t strangle it,” and he let me practice a few swings without a ball. The second useful tip Van gave me was explaining the whole swing process, “Get the club to your right shoulder and over your left shoulder. We don’t care what’s between these.”


In other words, don’t worry about the ball.

After a few practice swings, I put on the chest and hip sensors to get real data on my swing. Other than the tips Van just gave me, I knew nothing. I’d never played golf before, despite always wanting to learn. I did what I could do and then let Van correct me as we went along.


It was interesting to see my swing in the slow motion video, which was recorded from two directions. The results were clear and measurable. In this stop-action review, Van broke down the details of my swing step-by-step from shoulder turn, shoulder tilt, shoulder bend, hip turn, hip tilt to hip bend. The side-by-side comparison of my initial swing and a golf pro’s made it easier for me to understand the difference, and capture what I did right and what I didn’t. In addition, the graphic tool helped me to visualize the key points of posture from both the front and side view. As a “numbers person,” it always helps me to quantify something. The swing is the same.

Jessie 1

Surprisingly, I did a few things right naturally. Namely, as Coach Van referred to it: “Stand like you’re talking to someone,” and “Don’t pay attention to the golf ball.”

Jessie 2

Van also shared a few more tips with me during the review, which I still have running through my head. Things like, “Eyes follow the golf ball,” “Let the club do the work,” “Brush the ball away. Don’t hit it,” and “Establish a comfortable posture.”

By the end of my evaluation, I was so tired I could barely hold the club and practice any more. This golf thing is hard!

Even after just 90 minutes in the world of golf, my posture looked more comfortable compared to my initial swing. Coach and I also discussed my game plan. Even though I noted I would be plenty satisfied if we only achieved my goal of being comfortable talking about golf and playing with my friends, Van elevated his plan to making me successful on the course.

I’m in, Coach Van.





Name and title – Adam Foster, Content Marketing Specialist

Handicap if you have one? Average score? – 4

The day had finally come. It was time my swing was laid bare and put on celluloid, captured forever. I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t a little nervous.


After hearing stories from my fellow students earlier in the week, I had an idea what to expect, but wasn’t sure which swing of mine would show up, and how I’d react. On the one hand, I was extremely excited about starting this journey toward getting my handicap down. But on the other was the nagging thought that lessons haven’t served me too well in the past.

I turned up a little early eager to get started, and was greeted by my coach Derek White (Center Manager, Certified Personal Coach). Derek is very personable and really easy to talk to. I haven’t seen him swing a club yet, but I’d bet a dollar he’s a good player himself.

So as expected, we kicked off with a couple of questions about my game.

I explained that my miss is left AND right, my iron play needs drastic improvement, I never take advantage of being within 110 yards of the green, and I have about four swing thoughts going on at one time.

Just now, having written all these things down, I realize I have a lot going on in my head. Is it golf lessons that I really need? How is it possible I’m an 4-handicap? Is there a shrink in the house?

Derek told me to hit a couple of shots. Like clockwork, I flushed a couple of 7-irons. Some went left. Some went right. I explained that, growing up, I was taught to “flip the wrists.” Flipping the wrists allowed me to compress the ball at impact, and almost 99% of the time, expect a right-to-left ball flight.


This however, in my opinion, has cost me a number of great rounds. When the pressure came in the closing holes, my hands became way too active, and the dreaded hook would rear its ugly head. In turn, I’ve spent the last few years trying to develop a steady fade, but muscle memory generally wins out, and my hands start flipping away.


With the sensors strapped to me, I prepared for what was coming. The same thing I’ve heard all my life: “You need to stand closer to the ball. At the top, you swing across the line, and your weight is all on the heels.”


Adam 1


After years of trying to hit that “baby fade,” my hips and shoulders have drifted further and further left. From the top of my backswing, I became so steep the only way to go for the club was left, which explains the tug left I have consistently been seeing. Derek straightened up my alignment, moved my hands a little forward and told me to feel like I’m swinging out to the right.

Adam 2

This felt really weird, but actually made a lot of sense. My mind was on board instantly, but it may take a while to get my body in agreement. I expressed my concern to Derek that by swinging out to the right I fear I will get “flippy” again to rescue the shot, but I was assured this would eventually straighten up my ball flight.

Straight? What’s that? Apparently, a ball can in fact fly straight. This is news to me, of course, but it has me pretty excited about my new swing changes.

Now, I just have to get out on the range and wear a few gloves out.


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