What’s In Our Bags: Master Club Fitter Loren W.

Ask any Golfsmith employee, and they’ll agree on at least one thing.

When one of our own tells a golfer that they work for Golfsmith, their new golf-loving friend’s eyes light up like they’ve met a celebrity. They have questions, want to know your opinion on everything that’s released in the last year, and if they’re brave enough, they’ll ask for a hookup.

Well, we can’t help with the hookup, but the next area where strangers love to poke and prod? What clubs we have in our own bags. So, with that in mind, we decided we’re going to give you a look inside our team’s bags. We’re golfers too, after all.

Without further adieu, let us introduce you to Loren Westbrook and his bag full of PING.


Loren is a Master Club Fitter in our first ever store in Austin, TX, has been fitting for over 15 years, and is recognized by PING as one of its Top 100 Club Fitters in the USA. By our count, he has fit roughly a bajillion golfers.

But Loren does more than just fit clubs; he swings them. Quite nicely, in fact. Years back, Mr. Westbrook made most of his income on the golf course. No, not as a professional or even as a cart boy; as a man who was confident enough to put a car payment behind his positive handicap. It was all in the name of supporting his mini-tour goals.

“I left that lifestyle behind a long time ago, though,” he says.

But nevertheless, Loren still has game. Check out what’s in his bag, and if you’re in Texas, do your game a favor and make the trip to get fit by him.


PING G Driver LS Tec
10.5 degrees (Played at 9.9)
Aldila 44 Magnum (R-Flex tipped -1/2 inch)

PING G Stretch 3-wood
13 degrees (Played at 13.6)
Fubuki 50 (R-Flex tipped -1/2 inch)

PING G 5-wood
17.5 degrees (Played at 16.9)
Aldila Rogue Black 60 (R-Flex tipped -1/2 inch)

PING G 7-wood
20.5 degrees (Played at 21.1)
Aldila Rogue Black 60 (R-Flex tipped -1/2 inch)

PING G Crossover
5 (24 degrees)
PING Tour 90 (R-Flex tipped -1/2 inch)

PING i Irons
6 – UW
Standard Length, E1 Swingweight
PING TFC419 (S-Flex Soft Stepped)
Black Dot

PING Glide Wedge
56/SS degrees (played at 55)
Half Moon WRX Grind

PING Glide Wedge
60/SS degrees
Combo WRX Grind

PING Cadence TR Craz-E-R Putter
Orange Dot

If you’re wondering why Loren relies on a tipped Regular Flex shaft and Soft Stepped Stiff Flex shaft, it’s because his swing speed puts him directly between regular and stiff, and the alterations to the shafts compensate for that. When you’re swing is as dialed in as his is, the equipment needs to be, too.

Now that you’ve seen what’s in Loren’s bag, head to the comments section and tell us what’s in yours.

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