Types of Golf Bags

Types of Golf Bags & Their Uses

When you go shopping for a golf bag, you’ll notice that there are several different types available. If you are not aware of the differences between them, it may cause some confusion as to which type you should purchase. The foremost thing you need to think about when bag shopping is how many clubs you want to carry with you on the course and how you would like to transport the bag. Are you carrying it yourself or using a cart? This will determine the kind of bag you need.

Carry Bags

Strongly consider buying a carry bag if you plan to lug the clubs yourself. These bags are designed to be lightweight in order to reduce the strain on your back as you walk the course. They’re usually made of plastic or nylon, instead of heavy materials like leather. These bags hold a basic set of clubs, as well as your tees and balls. Think of them as the cargo pants of golf bags. There is a place for everything you need on your person, but add too much, and you’ll be weighed down. Often, they’ll be equipped with backpack-like straps, so you can pick them up quickly and be on your way.

Cart Bags

Cart bags are designed to be placed on a hand cart or power cart. Consider a cart bag if you plan on golfing at a course where carts are required or where you’ll have one at your disposal. These bags are mid-weight—lighter than staff bags, but heavier than carry bags—and not designed for ease of lifting. Most are between 5 and 9 inches in diameter. Cart bags typically have more storage areas than a carry bag as they’re designed for optimal organization. Although, this style of bag has a strap to allow you to sling it over your shoulder, it isn’t able to stand effectively on uneven surfaces. Cart bags can stand on a smooth, flat surface, but won’t typically stand upright on a fairway.

Stand Bags

A stand bag has the general appearance of a cart bag, but its added benefit is a set of two built-in legs that allow the bag to sit at an angle when you’re taking your shot. Although this style of bag can often fit in a cart, most people who use stand bags carry them throughout their round of golf. The bag features a carrying strap or backpack-style harness to make carrying it easy. Stand bags are smaller and more compact than cart bags, so there’s limited room for extra equipment and supplies.

Staff Bags

Plan to purchase a staff bag only if you’ll have a caddy at your disposal the entire time you’re golfing. These bags are quite large, usually about 8 to 12 inches in diameter, and can be heavy. They’re designed to hold a full 14-club set, as well as all the accessories a golfer could possibly need. Often, these bags are leather and have a prominently featured logo on the side. Most professional golfers use them, and they have a price that reflects this. They can also be referred to as tour bags.

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