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TaylorMade Spider Limited Edition Putter

“That’s it. That’s a beautiful red.”

Take one glance at the new TaylorMade Spider Limited Edition Red, and it’s hard to argue with the World’s Number One golfer.


Day’s putting in 2015 was otherworldly and has continued to be so through the first half of this year, so it may seem strange that he’s moved away from his red-hot (figuratively speaking, it’s actually been all-black in color) putter. Naturally, his new gamer is based on his prototype gamer, with a beautiful red finish.

Spider RED side

The Aussie went to the TaylorMade design team and asked for a putter similar to his Ghost Itsy Bitsy Spider Prototype from the previous year, only with his favorite color incorporated. The color change is more than just a paint job, though, says Bill Price, TaylorMade’s Sr. Director of Product Creation:

“The Spider Limited Edition Red was an idea born organically through Jason. In October of 2015, Jason had asked us to add a little bit of red onto his putter. And once we saw a sample, we knew right away that it was a very interesting contrast.

Immediately, you notice the clarity of the alignment when you have a red body with a white sightline, especially against a green backdrop. Red and green are contrasting colors, so when you put [the putter] down on the green and you have that white sightline, the contrast is very distinct.

Spider RED behind

Jason is a visual person, so if you notice, he likes to quiet down parts of his brain before he hits every shot. He goes through this routine of envisioning his shot. There is something about that with putting too—it has to appeal to your vision. So we set up a meeting with him around the end of January and that’s when he saw the prototype for the first time.

He thought it looked great, but at the time, it was in more of a sports car red, and he asked to see some different variations. After going through about 15 samples, we had this sort of brick red, which was closer to crimson, and I knew right away that was the one. We went out and showed it to Jason and he said, That’s it. That’s a beautiful red.”

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