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Scotty Cameron Introduces New Cameron & Crown Collection

Scotty Cameron and Titleist are set to introduce the new Cameron & Crown Collection, a finely tuned series of putters for those of us who prefer a slightly shorter-than-standard setup.

Says Mr. Cameron himself, “Each year, I’ve had increasingly more requests—from juniors to ladies to men—for 33-inch putters.”

The entire collection is built to be played at 33 inches of length, but this isn’t just a shortened series of flatsticks. To maintain these putters’ perfectly tuned balances and swingweights, 20-gram weights are used in the sole, as opposed to the standard 15-gram and 10-gram weights used in the 2016 Select line’s 34- and 35-inch models, respectively.


Scotty personally selected four of the most popular models from the Select, GoLo and Futura families, giving golfers options for feel, feedback and of course, look.

Below, Scotty lays out the reason they chose the four select Cameron & Crown models, and how each sets up to a particular putting stroke.

Newport M2

Scotty cameron blog_Cameron_Crown

Futura X5R

Scotty cameron blog_Futura5

Newport 2

Scotty cameron blog_Newport_2


Scotty cameron blog_GOLO_5

Other key performance details include the Small White Matador grip for enhanced feel, and a raw stainless steel finish with a unique Silver Mist bead blast gives a radiant, yet glare-resistant appearance.


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Scotty enthusiasts and collectors will especially appreciate the classy Cameron & Crown collection branding on the sole of the available GOLO 5, Newport 2, Newport M2 and Futura X5R club heads, as well as these crisp head covers.


Mr. Cameron went through a quick Q&A about his new line:


What inspired the new Cameron & Crown putter line?
“This is a growing market, whether for guys, ladies or juniors, who prefer a shorter putter. I just thought it was time to do it and do it right.”

How did you pick the models to go in this line?
“I chose some of my favorite models from our current lines. We have blades, mid-mallets, and larger mallets, with variations along the spectrum. So from the three lines, I actually selected four models, plus a lefty. We have the Newport 2, in right- and left-handed, and the Newport M2 Mallet from the Select line. Then, we have the GOLO 5, a mid-mallet, and the Futura X5R mallet. It’s a well-rounded line, for guys, gals or juniors. Whether you’re a blade player and you like toe flow in your stroke or you’re more of a mallet person and you have a square-to-square stroke, there’s a putter set up at 33 inches in this line for everybody and for every stroke.”

What types of players will benefit most from these putters?
“Players who need shorter putters. It could be a shorter person, or someone who sets up with their arms and hands lower in the long “V” style. It fits all of these segments, and it’s designed to be proper at 33 inches.”

How important is putter length in determining setup?
“Putter length sets a lot. Balance. Path. The length of a putter sets the eyes. For example, if a putter is too long, we stand back, and our eyes are set inside, the toe of the putter comes up and the stroke comes inside. This results in a path for a right-handed player that starts too far inside, and putts get pushed to the right. If a putter is too short, the eyes go over the ball, you can start looking to the left and the path can go outside, and putts get pulled to the left. I’ve always said the eyes set the path. Length sets the eyes. So, the length of the putter is critical when we talk about the stroke. There’s a recipe for determining the proper length, weight and grip for a putter, as well as the overall balance, which includes the proper shaft flex, too.”

For more information from the man himself, read the full Q&A at

The entire Cameron & Crown collection can be pre-ordered today at and select Golfsmith locations, with an official release date on September 23rd.

Pre-order today, click here

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Check out some more videos below of Mr. Cameron explaining the importance of adjustable weighting and putter length.

Adjustable weighting on Scotty Cameron Putters—why is it important to adjust weighting of the putter head proportionately to the length of the putter.

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