C’mon, Get Rhythm: On-Course Audio Buyer’s Guide

Silence is golden, but a round with music is much more fun.

Whether you’re enjoying a nice round with some buddies or grinding away at the range to find your rhythm, music and golf go hand in hand. So with that in mind, we took a look at the best audio options in the golf game. Just be sure to respect the groups around yours; they may not like Bieber quite as much as you do.

PUMA Soundchuck Bluetooth Speaker


The nunchaku design isn’t just a gimmick, though it is pretty unique as speakers go. The split-speaker setup allows you to hang your audio from your bag’s towel ring, your cart’s roof support or just about anywhere else. And the bright orange colorway ensures the Marshal will know where that ruckus is coming from.


JAM Street Wireless Speaker


Let’s face it—golf is tough. It’s tough on us mentally, and it’s tough on our gear. So why not choose a speaker that’s built for your adventures around the course? Featuring serious audio courtesy of 360-degree sound, and utilizing a drop-proof, spill-proof, rubberized casing for protection from life’s (and golf’s) occasional beatings, the Street is great for those of us who expect a little grit from our gear.


JAM Classic Bluetooth Speaker


It’s the #1-selling wireless Bluetooth speaker in the U.S. for a reason. Big sound comes from this compact, cup-holder-sized design, and Bluetooth call capabilities mean you won’t miss a beat if you break out of the office early to sneak in 18. Plus, you can choose from three great colorways.


JLAB Crasher Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker


Big sound in a little package keeps the Crasher Mini on our shortlist of favorite speakers, and not just for golf. Available in two bold colors, this speaker features a hi-fi driver and a separate subwoofer. All without breaking 10 ounces on the scale. If you’re looking for an even smaller package with similar sound, check out the Crasher Slim.


JLAB Jbuds Pro Headphones


These headphones are loud, and not just sonically. Available in a gang of bright colors that are easy to see buried at the bottom of your gym bag, the JBuds are powered by titanium drivers for crisp sounds. The coolest feature of these buds has to be the twin fitting systems, including a Cush Fin add-on for a snug, airtight fit. And all of this for less than a Hamilton.









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