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Now that golf season has officially started, it’s time to upgrade your wardrobe. As they say, look good, play well!

maide-instagrams07About Maide

Drawing upon the heritage of a legendary game and the style of its greatest players, Bonobos launched Maide, a new golf apparel line– founded on the core principles of fit, performance and style. Maide strives to help those who cherish golf’s traditions build a wardrobe as rich in substance and style as the game itself. Maide’s mission is to revitalize the classic style that once defined the game. Thus, they have put together a line that combines a timeless aesthetic with modern functionality and fabrication.


maide-instagrams05Why Maide

If you like to look good on the golf course and don’t mind paying a little bit extra for quality, then Maide was made for you. Not only are the products stylish, but their performance is also on par. Whether you’re spending 4 hours in the Texas sun on the course or playing up in Canada during the winter–Maide has you covered.


Maide first caught my eye while recently shopping at my local Golfsmith. The brand stood out for a couple of reasons. First, I’m not a huge fan of flashy ‘hey look at me’ shirts, and Maide’s line has a more traditional, classic style that I like. Also, the line seemed very versatile. I could imagine myself wearing Maide’s apparel both on and off the course, and this really appealed to me. Lastly, I like the look of slim or regular fitting pants which can be hard to find. However, Maide has designed several pant options that I feel are universally flattering. I left Golfsmith with the M-Flex Flatiron polo, the Highland pant and the Caddiemaster long sleeve sweatshirt. I was extremely impressed with the look and feel of my clothing purchases while on the course. The polo was breathable and stretchy, but it was the pants that impressed me the most. The waistband had extra give and a gel lining for added comfort and to help keep my shirt in place. Additionally, the pockets of the slim fitting Highland pant were easily assessable even while I was bending down to read a putt –this was extremely important to me.


To put it simply–Maide is a brand that you must check out! Try on their apparel and you will see the difference in their quality and style right away.

Maide can be found in the majority of Golfsmith stores across the country and also online.

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